"Language exerts hidden power,
like the moon on the tides."

Rita Mae Brown | American Author

"Language is power, life and the instrument of culture, the instrument of domination and liberation."

Angela Carter | English Novelist, short story writer, poet, and journalist

Defining Needs
Devising A Work Plan

Defining Needs
Devising A Work Plan

Recruiting Local Teachers
Formulating Study Programs

Recruiting Local Teachers
Formulating Study Programs

Renting And Equipping Study Facilities

Renting And Equipping Study Facilities

Welcome to English Is Easy

Language is a powerful tool. It enables you to express yourself when it matters most. To have influence. To cross borders. To develop and help others develop.

Welcome to the English is Easy website. The goal of this social initiative is to teach English to people all over the world, and give them the opportunity to take a great leap forward and upgrade their lives.

We offer English workshops for beginners and private lessons for people seeking to improve their level of English. We have the necessary know-how, the most advanced technological means, and the best English teachers in the world. Most importantly, we believe that everyone deserves a real chance to create a better future for him or herself.

Over the years, we have included more and more men and women in our study programs. We do everything with a genuine sense of calling, at a low cost for the students. We are currently expanding the scope of our activity, and laying the foundations for expanding this social initiative to the Middle East.

The programs we offer at English is Easy are suitable for people of all ages. They are intended to provide people with equal opportunity in the labor market and the ability to work with international companies, or the ability to pursue advanced studies in academic institutions worldwide.

Are you an experienced English teacher?

Native English speaker - You belong with us!

The English is Easy initiative is looking to expand its activity throughout the Middle East. Excellent terms and conditions for suitable candidates.


"Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift.
Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club - the community of speakers of that language."

Frank Smith | Canadian Psycholinguist

English is Easy is a social initiative intended to provide men and women in countries where English studies are not well developed with the opportunity to learn the English language at a low cost.

The initiative was set up by a group of entrepreneurs and wealthy investors from all over the world. They decided to give back to society by investing a great deal of time, energy, and resources in an English studies program in countries throughout Europe, Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Our all-inclusive approach does not let us leave anything to chance. We take care of every last detail related to our study program in order to enable the students to focus on learning and professional progress. Our method has been working successfully since 2019.

We have already hired dozens of English teachers and taught thousands of satisfied students.


Our project managers look for places around the world where English programs are insufficient or non-existent.

To this end, English is Easy uses research teams, freelancers, and local companies worldwide, which carry out market research and professional surveys.‎


Our developers formulate the work plans and study programs according to the individual needs of the specific country.

The plan specifies the learning methods (workshops, private lessons, etc.), the facilities (halls, offices, etc.), the number of teachers required for the program, and the auxiliary equipment required for implementing the program (computers, books, writing utensils, etc.).


Once the work plan and study programs have been put together, we kick-start the initiative in the new country. Implementing the program requires first and foremost a team of talented and experienced English teachers.

We therefore make extensive efforts to recruit teachers using social media, local placement companies, and special project managers.‎


Once we have recruited the team of teachers, we adapt the learning material to suit the specific country.

The study programs are formulated by English is Easy's regular team of developers, in close cooperation with our teachers and the local teachers. The study program includes clear goals, as well as detailed lesson plans for each topic.


In order to create a pleasant learning environment, we invest a great deal of time and resources in finding and renting a variety of study facilities, including halls, classrooms, spaces for private lessons, etc.

The project is managed by our representative in the specific country, who is in charge of procuring facilities and equipping them with everything required for studying in comfort.

Are you a native English speaker? Are you an English teacher with many years of experience? Are you interested in a position that offers a vision, satisfaction, and contribution to society, with good pay?

If so, you belong with us at English is Easy!


The goal of our social initiative is to teach the English language to men and women in various countries. We believe English is the most important tool for personal, social, and professional development. We are constantly looking for places where English studies are not widespread, in order to develop English learning programs there.
We operate on various continents around the world, and are taking our first steps in the Middle East.

To apply for a teaching position, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible: